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2015-02-17: Bonn-to-Code.Net: User-Treffen Februar
19:00 Uhr, Comma Soft AG in Bonn-Pützchen (Anfahrt)

BonnToCodeBeim Februar-Treffen haben wir wieder Olmo del Corral zu Gast, der letztes Jahr bereits zweimal sehr kompetent Vorträge bei uns gehalten hat.

C# Deep Dive  Olmo del Corral

C# is rapidly becoming a complex language and there are some important features that are usually ignored, even by senior developers.

The memory model is a good example: Not having a crystal-clear understanding of class vs struct, passing arguments by ref, or ThreadStatic could bite you in the form of memory leaks or concurrency problems. Delegates and events are quite confusing in C#, that's why many developers use them without really understanding them. Finally we will explain some cool tricks using expression trees, visitors and how a LINQ provider works.

About the speaker
Olmo del Corral is one of the partners of Signum Software, a company located in Spain, but he currently resides in Düsseldorf and works in Control€xpert. He is the chief developer of Signum Framework.

(Vortrag in englischer Sprache)